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PTC-RefBack Help for beginners

Postby winner12 » Mon Jan 18, 2010 2:48 pm

RefBack is a system, which returns part of earnings to its users for viewing ads on the sponsored programs, known as РТС (Pay To Click) sites. More information about the scheme of work and assessment of earnings is given on the home page

To become a user of, you should have an email address (addresses with Gmail domain are the best); you need also to have your personal account in the payment system AlertPay.
(More information on how to open an AlertPay account, you can find on the forum).
If you got it all, you just have to register on our site, tentatively agreeing to the Terms of Service (TOS).
To keep abreast of the latest news about charging RefBack, payments from the PTC, to take part in the discussion of the strategy of earnings on the PTC sites, get acquainted with other participants of the project - visit our forum. Believe that you will only benefit of this.

You can join the proposed PTC-RefBack sponsored programs at the pages: "New PTCs"; "Audited"; "Favorites" of our site; or in "RefBack-sites" section of our forum.
To do this you need to click the banner and register on the PTC website.
Attention: To be sure you get to the list of our referrals at PTCs, you have to learn some general rules of registration:
1. It would be the best if you clear the browser cache and cookies before registration (you can use the program CCleaner).
you can also clean your browser manually; to do this, go to menu "Preferences" and do the following, as it's shown on the pictures:
servis lis.png


kuk lis.png

2. Go to registration form only via our links on the site or the forum;
3. Every time check the "REFERER" field.
You can't register under any referrer of existing. Registration under currently offering reflink will be only correct.
If for some reason the field is empty or there's quite a different nickname - enter the correct nick manually, or postpone your registration to clarify it with us.
Then you need to notify us of your accession (to confirm your registration).
To do this, you should go to your profile and open menu "Available for registration" in "RefBack-PTC sites" section.

In the next window choose the site on which you have registered, enter your username at this PTC and click OK.

After checking the registration, you can see it in the list "Confirmed PTC" (usually the verification process takes no more than a day).

After your registration is confirmed, you can be sure that you are a member in the referrals list of the PTC which you was requesting for. You have to click continually all the advertisements, and as soon as we receive payment from this site, all your cliques on this PTC will be added automatically to your balance; your cliques are to be paid accordingly to our conditions (50% of price for standard member's click).
Quite usual question: I'm registered on the site, and the payment from it has been received, but my clicks are still not paid!
The answer:
1. You know very well that not all PTCs have instant payouts. Your clicks are not paid yet only by the reason that for a moment of your registration has already been made payment request. Don't worry. After next withdrawal all your clicks will surely be paid.
2. In connection with the limits of direct referrals, we open more than one account per one PTC, and of course we make withdrawal orders at different times for different accounts. RefBack calculations are to be made on the fact of payment receipt from each account separately. You can find all necessary information about this on the forum.

At the home page of our site you can learn all the details about the scheme of your earnings calculation.

Our commitment about RefBack-payments are stated in the "Terms of Service". You'll learn them during your registration, or you can read the page "TOS".
That's how it sounds: "User can order his cashout after his balance reachs 2 $ or more. PTC-RefBack works with three payment processors: AlertPay ; PayPal ; WebMoney. User gets his payment within 24 hours. All payments are to be paid in US dollars.

Your profit directly depends on the number of PTCs in which you sign up, as well as the number of viewed ads on these sites.
Ways to enlarge earnings in the
1. Referrals, who you invited, must be registered under our reflinks at PTCs. You receive 10% from each of your referrals’ earnings. You will find the statistics of your earnings from referrals and the referral link in the section "Referrals" of your profile.

2. You can upgrade your status as a member to Premium; buying it, you enlarge your Refback % and RefBackRef % (% from your referrals' earnings).
You can pay for Premium Membership, using as your AlertPay account, as your RefBack balance.
The Function is unavailable now.

General balance you can see in your profile, “Your balance” section;

How much your referrals earned – “Referrals” section;

Ibid for each referral separately:

In the profile menu “Confirmed PTC” - how been paid your clicks on each PTC separately:

Withdrawal function is built-in your profile, see “Your Balance”:

When ordering the payment, fill in the field the sum you want to order, then choose a payment system for cashout, and click "OK".If you did everything correctly, the pointed sum will be subtracted from the
"Current balance:" and will appear in "Pending payout:"
Be careful before ordering. Make sure the correct payment addresses are written in your profile:
AlertPay ; PayPal emails.

All the questions you may have, please feel free to ask on the forum, topic RefBack support. Most important and urgent questions can be asked in a personal message, using the Contacts menu.

To avoid blocking of team account, it is better not to do so. Moreover, it is contrary to the own rules of sponsors. Also do not forget paragraph 12 of PTC-RefBack TOS:
12. Any attempts to cheat on or sites where user join under our reflink, will lead to immediate termination of his account at, the balance of the user will be reset to zero.

Make sure that JavaScript in your browser settings is enabled.
Browser Opera - Settings - Options - Content.
Browser Mozilla Firefox - Tools - Options - Content.
Browser Internet Explorer - Tools - Internet Options - Security - Custom Level button from the list.
If no result, write in the forum section - Support RefBack.

Theoretically, yes! When registering on the PTC sites in the field "AlertPay e-mail address" you can specify any your working email. In this case you can not to withdraw your earnings from the PTC site, but RefBack for your clicks will be credited to the balance.

90% РТСs are adapted to the Mozilla Firefox browser, slightly less - to the Opera.
There are not any prohibitions or restrictions on what browser do you use. But at some PTCs you can get glitches in different browsers: your clicks can be counted improperly, or you simply can't get there generally. Therefore, you'll learn everyting in process. Of course, priority belongs to Mozilla Firefox.

The difference between a standard member and premium is in the click price, and so - your total earnings. You can buy premium membership, using your AlertPay account, but on some PTCs it's possible directly from the account balance. It can be done at all the sponsors by clicking on the button "Upgrade" in the profile, then you'll have to pay for the action. To recoup the money spent on the premium membership, you must have a lot of direct or leased referrals. Their number and average activity (AVG) let you draw conclusions about recoup time and whether was the sense in this purchase.

Almost all PTCs set limits on direct referrals. In this regard, we usually open a few accounts on the same site. Your refback earning will be counted after receipt of payment to the account, which you used as a referrer when registered.
For more information about accounts, read the paragraf above: "How to join the PTC-sites and receive RefBack?"

Yes. To do this, write a new nickname in a personal message to admin. After the change, your reflink in the account will be changed as well; there won't be any problems with referrals. As to the change of your nick at the forum you shouldn't forget to care about the its similarity to the nickname on the PTCs, to avoid possible troubles with refback calculating.

You have to make a request for confirmation of your joining the PTC immediately after the registration and activation of your account!
After registering, go to your account, click all today links, and then make your request at our site at once.
If I'm registered under your referrer, and didn't confirm it on the moment of registration, but have confirmed, to say, after couple months, - does it matter?
What to do, if in the "Confirmed PTC" column is shown only 66 clicks on one of PTC, but really I have done 189?

1. Refback counting begins only after payment receipt from the PTC, where you work, and your request for confirmation of your joining the PTC is the necessary condition. How do you realize to find the User among hundreds of other members in the reflist? Counting goes automatically, and to run the system you have to turn it on: to make a request.
2. Only paid clicks are shown in the "Confirmed PTC" window of your profile. For example, we ordered cashout on one of PTCs some days ago. You had only 66 clicks for that moment there. We make the screenshot of the reflist and post it on the Forum. You are going on to click after that, but only 66 clicks will be paid this time. All your rest clicks will be counted and paid in next cashout. No virtual money exist in our system: we pay only on the fact of money receipt .
You can check your paid clicks in the current PTC topic at the Forum, - you'll find a screenshot with refclicks statistics.
If you been late with a request to confirm the registration, - your clicks are not paid. You can get your payment with the next withdrawal, if your request will be done.
For more information about request for confirmation of your joining the PTC, read the paragraf above: "How to join the PTC-sites and receive RefBack?"

Go to your Profile on the site, and click "Options" => "Avatar".
This and many other questions as to forum functional are answered on the forum FAQ page. To get there, you have to go to the main menu, tab "Forum".

After you opened the message editor for a new post, you see a lot of buttons with BB codes on the toolbar. Find the button "FAQ" among them.

This button opens the FAQ page about BB Codes.

To do this, use the menu item "Attachments", It is at the bottom below the new message or theme:

Simply select the file on your computer and click "Add the file" to upload it to our server.

1. Go to your profile, then open "Payment History" frame in "Your Balance" window.

2. In accordance with the date of payment, select the image on your computer, that you prepared before, with payment screen, and click "OK". After the file uploaded successfully, you'll see the green icon.

3. Your screen will be available for viewing on the "Payment" page.

Just click on the green icon.
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