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Postby Legenda » Thu Nov 04, 2010 2:12 pm

Admin 2010/10/19 at 12:17

After the renewal discounts have been implemented, we still have profits to share with our users.
NeoBux was created to give users everything possible and, since we already have backup balances and other necessary backups, everything else will have to be distributed to our users as we're not here to become millionaires.
Although there are hundreds of ways of doing so, we'll just focus on rewards (random or selective) for the time being and decide later what to do with the exceeding profit.

Right now we'll be introducing a new offer.
For each advertisement you see you'll have an opportunity to earn $0.50 each hour.

- How much will it cost you?: Nothing at all.
- What do you have to do?: Just your everyday task: View advertisements.
- How will it work?: If you've seen advertisements in the past hour, you're eligible for the draw.

For a test drive, we'll be rewarding only 40 users each hour with $0.50 each. This amount will be added to the main balance and users can do what they want with it.
This means that every hour we'll be giving away $20 which converts to $480 per day, $14400 per month, $175200 per year.
The amount of winners each hour may increase.

To be eligible for a prize, all you need to do is view advertisements. For each seen you'll have a "ticket" for a draw. Now you can choose to see all advertisements in one hour or one each hour.
For each hourly draw, you can only win once but you can win each hour as long as you see advertisements the hour before (for example, the winners for all users that saw advertisements from 9:00 to 9:59 will be draw at 10:00).

You'll get a history log with the prize if you win and, obviously, your main balance credited.

This isn't gambling as it costs you absolutely nothing.

Every user with every type of membership will participate in the hourly draw. The more advertisements you see, the higher the chances.
Mini-Exposure advertisements will not count for the draw. Only Standard and Extended-Exposure ones will.

You can see one advertisement and win $0.51 instead of $0.01. How great is that?

Winners for the past hour have already been rewarded.

Have fun, good luck, and expect more to come.
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