The third anniversary of the project

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The third anniversary of the project

Postby winner12 » Mon Apr 09, 2012 3:28 pm

Dear colleagues and friends!
I heartily congratulate you on the third anniversary of the project PTC-RefBack!!!

PTC-RefBack project - is not only the admin and moderators team. PTC-RefBack is a few thousand of our partners and friends - the members of our project!
The trust of our users and members of the project is the main achievement of the three years of the PTC-RefBack.
In the spring of 2009 a few enthusiasts decided to create a project, whose goal was on one hand - to confirm the possibility of earnings online through refback, on the other - an opportunity for the project participants to earn, and to get start-up capital for beginners. It was the first professional project, giving the opportunity to earn online using the new advanced method, using a unique script that has no analogues in the world of PTC business.
We try to make working in the PTC-RefBack not only interesting, but also bringing significant income.

There is something new to the third anniversary of the project: our own Matrix was released; there you can essentially increase your income.
Further our goals remain the same: professional development of the project, increasing the number of sites in work (and therefore your earnings), as well as increased confidence and good fame PTC-RefBack.
We sincerely hope that our service will help you make more money, that will certainly affect the effectiveness and popularity of the PTC-RefBack.

Good Luck and good earnings!
The Administration of PTC-RefBack
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