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Forum Rules

Postby Admin » Sat Jan 09, 2010 8:15 pm

1. General:
1.1. Spam is Prohibited on our forum in all its kinds: public or private messages and e-mail. Any attempt of violation of this rule will lead to permanent ban.

1.2. Discussion and advertising of obviously illegal things (including stolen Internet access, sales/forgery of docs, credit card fraud, phishing, hacking websites/users' accounts, domains below cost and so on, but not limited to) are unacceptable.

1.3. Advertising and discussion of the so-called golden/magic wallets, business packages (such as FEM - Fast Easy Money), as well as knowingly fraudulent schemes are unacceptable.

1.4. Offensive statements, defamation directed at the participants, incitement to racial, ethnic, social and religious hatred are Prohibited. The use of profanity, including hidden, use asterisks or other special characters for this, - are also Prohibited. Do not threaten violence and physical punishment outside the forum, - these messages/signatures will be moderated or removed with sending of warning or without it.

1.5. Messages without relations to subject of the current topic, as well as posts with no semantic contents (flood) are Prohibited.

1.6. Gaining the information on users in any purpose is prohibited.

1.7. The Forum keeps the democratic principles: for instance, discussion as to actions of Administrations and moderators of the forum is allowed, but at condition of the mutual respect only. The manifestation of the disrespect to Administrations and moderators of the forum can result permanent ban.

2. The Registration:
2.1. Repeated registering (the registration of two or more accounts), nicknames seizure (the registration of accounts with definite nicknames for the reason to make them unavailable for others) are Prohibited. Registering a nick, similar to the existing before to the point of confusion is also Prohibited. If such violation occurs, all the accounts can be blocked.

3. User's profile:
3.1. Any advertising of resources similar to ours as well as advertising of user's reflinks is Prohibited.

3.2. It's Prohibited to use avatars with erotic, pornographic content, as well as avatars breaking common notions of aesthetics.

3.3. It is forbidden to give contact/personal information of other people and/or untrue data in the user profile. If such violations occur, information from the profile will be deleted, and the profile will be blocked.

3.4. All of your signatures should be within the norms of morality and law. In case of Violation of the rules about signatures, penalty sanctions will are assessed (from balance reset to ban).

4. Posting of messages:
4.1. Posting of images, exceeding 400 pixels in width is Prohibited (the reason: forum page will not fit the screen with a resolution of 1024x768).

4.2. Posting of links to files that can be downloaded only for a fee/sms is Prohibited; it should be at least one link to download free.

4.3. Distribution of files, containing violence, murder/suicides, corpses, etc. is forbidden.

4.4. To start topics, which are not relevant to current section content, as well as the repetition of the same topics or the same messages, is not allowed.

4.5. Posting of information that contains obviously harmful code (virus propagation, phishing) is forbidden and will lead to permanent ban.

4.6. Posting of messages that contain direct hyperlinks to download the executive files (applications) or containing them archives without link to the page checking in service VirusTotal -, - is forbidden.

5. Groups:
There are 4 groups on our forum:

-Administrators, moderators (closed group);

-RefBackTeam (open group with limited membership, can be beefed up by decision of the administration);

-RefBackRef (open group; every registered user, participated in the RefBack program, automatically become a group member and receive the special title Esquire);

-Registered users (all users, registered on the forum without special titles).

6. Additions:
6.1. Some sections of the forum can have additional rules, so please examine them; ignorance of the rules does not exempt from liability.

6.2. Any attempts to pay attention to low level of the knowledges of anyone from forum members are not acceptable. All of us did not know simple things before; only one who does nothing, makes no mistakes. Just correct a member, if he is wrong.

6.3. Multyposting (posting of some messages along from the same user) is not welcomed by moderators. This Rule is used not always, but on moderators' discretion. That depends on Section\Forum\Subforum etc.

6.4. Creating a new topic about any project, please give a link to the described site.

7. Special conditions:

7.1. There are also special rules, and their list is not published for some reasons; those rules are administered by the forum moderators.

7.2. Current rules can be supplemented or amended without prior notice.

7.3. Users undertake to trace changes in the rules.
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